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To: All members of the Maine Senate

I am sending you this e-mail to register my concerns and ask that you vote against LD 1081.

On 5/30/07 the Maine Senate voted not to accept the recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Fish and Wildlife, The MDIF&W, the MIAA and many Maine sportsman and women by failing to kill LD 1081. After extensive hearings and public testimony the JSC concluded that 1081 Ought Not to Pass. (ONTP) The House on 5/23 and the Senate on 5/30 voted not to accept the committee recommendations.

This latest effort to undermine the recommendations of the JSC are an attempt by the bill sponsor, SAM and George Smith, to micro manage the DIF&W. The DIF&W is staffed with competent professional wildlife managers, scientists and biologists that have concluded this bill is not needed and in fact would be detrimental to the departments goal of providing quality angling opportunities for everyone.

Please show your support for the JSC, MDIF&W, and the thousands of Maine anglers that appreciate and love to fish for splake. I urge you and the rest of the Senate to accept the original ONTP recommendation of the JSC and kill LD 1081 now.

Please vote against LD 1081.

Thank You,

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